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  •   Leading Edge Electrical Protection & Power Quality 


  •   Onsite Waste Reduction & Onsite Waste to Energy      

Environmentally Responsible Solutions 

Eco-Growth Environmental Inc. is a Canada based technology company focused on providing GREEN initiatives and solutions to environmental challenges through the development of innovative, sustainable technology.

Eco Growth is determined to manage activities with the view to prevent or mitigate harmful effects on nature and our natural resources. The principle of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle is a core value that guides not only our business lives but personal lives as well. As a company and individually we are devoted to leaving a clean and green legacy for future generations, by creating a controlled environment in which to reduce the volume of our waste stream.

Cleanable magnetic filtration technology is a sustainable alternative to disposable filters. This technology is proven to extend fluid, component and ultimately equipment life by 300% because it has the ability to remove contamination to sub-micron levels efficiently.

Patented technology attracts microscopic (under 4 microns) magnetic and non-magnetic particles that cause the most detrimental wear to equipment components. Efficient filtration of this contamination leads to cleaner fluids, less maintenance and meaningful, long-term cost savings
.​ The equipment operates cleaner and therefore much longer and requires fewer scheduled maintenance intervals.

Magnetic filters can be cleaned and reinstalled. People do not have to throw away standard filters that negatively impact our environment. The carbon footprint is dramatically reduced due to less consumption.

Power quality control with surge protection. Cleanvolt units offer power protection like no other surge device. The patent design also gives the device the ability to clean dirty power.

Technology clamps ultra-fast and reacts within the fundamental waveform (132v on a 120v system up to 690v on a 600v system). The result is a surge-free sine wave that is proven to reduce the harmonic effect, reduce heat, correct power factor, correct kWh consumption, stabilize current, and stabilize the voltage. 

With its unique ability to withstand daily occurrences with no appreciable degradation, and can last 100 years under normal operating conditions. This technology will provide the end-user with years of premium protection, all backed by a lifetime product warranty.