80% of equipment and systems failures are due to contamination leading to lengthy downtime and high costs. CleanPower Worldwide's OEI/BPS filters will reduce failures while extending the life of equipment and fluids. OEI & BPS's patented radial field magnetic technology employed in OEI/BPS's rare-earth magnet filters creates fields that are 10x stronger than traditional magnetic filters. Collecting ferrous and some non-ferrous contaminants. OEI/BPS's Stronger, more extensive fields attract more particles and contamination. These magnetic filters can capture sub-micron to 100-micron Plus in size.

Year after year, OEI/BPS solutions have proved to extend the life of Greases, Gylcol, lube oils/fluids, Gases, equipment & system components and many more. OEI/BPS magnetic filtration solutions proactively protect customers' investments and extend the life of their equipment. OEI/BPS magnetic filtration technology can be used as a predictive and preventative maintenance tool, analyzing the contaminants captured, the information can be used to monitor wear.

Traditional magnetic filtration technology lacks the strength to capture contamination particles below 10 microns, risking premature equipment failure. Disposable filters are subject to worm-holing, and blockages that reduce or obstruct flow. Once the filter's life span is up, they are deposed, creating a large carbon footprint from production to disposal.

OEI /BPS magnetic filters are environmentally friendly, as they have been cleanable and reusable for 15+ years. OEI/BPS high-efficiency Magnetic Filtration technology produces increased equipment reliability, reduced maintenance costs and improved profitability.